Pill Bottles

Please bring all your pill bottles with you to each appointment so that we can verify the names and doses of your drugs, their expiration dates and number of refills available. Keep all medications in accurately labeled bottles or containers.


If your drug plan sent you a list of allowable drugs (a “formulary”), please bring it to each office visit.


During your office visit, we can refill any prescriptions that will expire before your next scheduled visit. Bringing your pill bottles helps us determine which medications need to be refilled.

To refill a prescription that expired between visits, call our office during normal business hours and allow 48 hours for the physician to review your medical record and provide the prescription.

Your prescription may be faxed directly to the pharmacy, depending on your drug plan and the drug. You may need to pick-up the prescription at the office, depending on the prescription.

Controlled Substances

Controlled substances (narcotics, sedatives, stimulants, and the like) require special handling. Refills are limited, and in some cases are not permitted by law.

All prescriptions for controlled substances must be picked up in person at our office either by the person for whom they are prescribed, or by a person designated by the recipient. If someone other than the prescription recipient is picking up the prescription, please make sure the person picking up the prescription has a photo ID and a current phone number. Additionally, he or she will be asked his or her relationship to the recipient.

Community Care physicians are not permitted to provide prescriptions for controlled substances by telephone when they are on-call.