If you need to be admitted to the hospital, you will be seen by the hospitalist that is on duty.

Today, many physicians use hospitalists to care for their patients when they visit emergency rooms or are admitted to the hospital. Hospitalists are physicians that generally specialize in family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatrics. Although hospitalists don’t practice in our office, they communicate with your primary physician while handling your care in the hospital. Your primary physician is kept informed about your admission and your medical status.

The only time you will be seen by the hospitalist is during an ER visit or hospital stay. Once you leave the hospital, you will follow up with your primary care provider at our office. Any notes pertaining to your care in the hospital will be scanned into the electronic health record and become part of your permanent record.

These are the local hospitals in the area:

  • Albany Medical Center, Albany
  • Albany Memorial Hospital, Albany
  • Ellis Hospital/Bellevue Women’s Hospital, Schenectady
  • Samaritan Hospital, Troy
  • Saratoga Hospital, Saratoga
  • St. Mary’s Hospital, Troy
  • St. Peter’s Hospital, Albany
  • Stratton VA Medical Center, Albany